Solo Guitar for Events in Bend Oregon

Plan your Music with Matthew

Matthew has extensive experience playing music for a variety of events including corporate and industry events, private parties, house concerts, mellow afternoon wine tastings, bustling art exhibits, funerals, local festivals, and evening shows in bars and restaurants.  He is adept at adapting his performance to the people and surroundings of each event.  He can perform solo or you can book him to play with one of his various musical projects.

Matthew is able to play in virtually any type of venue and adds a warm presence to any event he is a part of.  He can also provide a sound system for background music, announcements or presentations, and wireless microphones if the event needs them.  

If you are interested in hiring Matt for an event or a series of performances please contact him regarding scheduling and pricing.

  • Private Party Music
  • Corporate event musician
  • Live Wedding Music Performer
  • Live Music for your Event
  • Solo Guitar Musician
  • Classical Guitarist

Plan your Music with Matthew