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Matthew enjoys sharing his love for music by teaching and tutoring students in music.  His instruction is fun and friendly with an academic approach, in which he emphasizes the importance of learning to read music, proper playing techniques and good practice habits.  However he can play a variety of genres and all styles of music are welcome in his music studio.  

He specializes in teaching guitar, but offers beginner and intermediate lessons on the piano, mandolin, ukulele, and electric bass.  Matthew has taught guitar lessons for the past 15 years in various locations and formats.  He has taught every age from 6 years old to 85, and was always able to help his students reach their musical goals.  Some of his students have gone on to win awards for their playing and even college scholarships!

Matthew believes that performance and the sharing of music with others is a huge part of becoming a competent musician.  He will offer recitals several times a year to give students the opportunity to perform and share their music.  

Besides teaching out of his own private music studio, Matthew taught guitar classes at SOU university shortly after graduating with his BA in music performance.  He also taught private lessons and group classes (such as School of Rock) at the Cascade School of Music.  At the moment Matthew is happily teaching private lessons out of his awesome music studio located on the Southside of Bend.  Check out his studio policy on this page for more info about pricing and how music lessons work in his studio.  Contact Matthew now to set up your first lesson and start your path to musical mastery.

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Testimonials from satisfied students:  

“It was great to get such a detailed record of Ryan's past & current guitar life!  We love to hear him play, and are always looking out for something that will get him playing with other people.  You're the best possible teacher and inspiration for Ryan that I could imagine, and we really appreciate the passion, dedication and professionalism that you show your students.”  

-Cheri Schmitt commenting on her son Ryan's experience over 7 years of lessons.  

"Having been self-taught on the guitar for close to 6 years and reaching a personal stagnation point, I hired Matt to help me reach beyond my known personal capabilities and limitations. While I was excited to receive formal instruction, I was quite adamant that I would not able to read music or understand music theory. Matt quickly extinguished my apprehensions and self doubts through his friendly and relaxed attitude, and extremely dynamic and broad scope of musical knowledge. Not only has my technique in playing grown by leaps and bounds, I can also proudly say that I can already play multiple pieces of sheet music. Matt is a master of his craft and it will rub off on anybody who receives instruction from him."

- L. Weimar, Ashland, Oregon

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